Vidya Bharati Uchcha Shiksha Sansthan

National Summit of Institutional Leaders – NSIL 2023

A Dialogue on Inter-Institutional Development

16th & 17th January, Indore, Madhya Pradesh




We are witnessing a big leap and a systemic transformation in India’s education spectrum. The National Education Policy has introduced us to a wider perspective enthused with bigger responsibility. Present-day education demands a more robust approach towards bringing holistic institutional development. Innovations and new initiatives in our institutions are the intriguing keys towards sustainable and holistic development. It is high time that we consider ourselves as “Fellow Travellers” on this path of development. We need to collaborate and build synergy in developing our institutes with a larger goal of developing a knowledge-based society. We as a community in this knowledge society envisage to see each one of us excel with compassion, not by competition.

They only live, who live for others, the rest are more dead than alive. - Swami Vivekananda

To leverage our strengths and expertise, a national summit for Leaders of Educational Institutes is being planned. Vidya Bharati Uchcha Shiksha Sansthan desires to establish a platform for concerned institutional heads and torchbearers of this community. A platform where the thought leaders of education can exchange ideas, wisdom, best practices, peer learning and design for the collective development of our institutions and the education system at large.

It is we a “Knowledge Society” that matters not an “individual”.



Vidya Bharati Uccha Shisha Sansthan (VBUSS) is a voluntary organization working in the field of education with a primary focus on policy implementation and structural reforms in India’s Higher Education landscape. The core concept and ideal of VBUSS are to address the emerging needs of quality education and to reflect on the framework of Bharatiya knowledge, concepts, practice, philosophy and approach. The organisation has emerged as a transforming voice and movement led by learned, eminent educationists, scholars and concerned citizens of modern-day India. VBUSS firmly believes that a conducive education ecosystem could be developed through contact, dialogue, discourse and coordination among the institutions of higher education. VBUSS has been actively engaged in constructive engagement, developing thought processes, policy intervention and recommendations. Engaging stakeholders in synthesising the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 is one of the activities that VBUSS strongly commits to and advocates. In the recent years since its inception, the organisation has been relentlessly engaged in numerous activities to promote, create awareness, decoding NEP 2020. Having done a series of thought processes and submitting policy recommendations VBUSS is also playing a crucial participatory role in policy implementation and practice.



VBUSS strongly believes in and advocates the philosophy of “Fellow Travellers” in the education system. Here the term fellow travellers refer to educationist and educational institutes in India. And we as an individual representing our institutes will form a larger gamut of the Community. Let us recall what Henry Ford said “Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success.” With this motivation, these two days of the meeting of institutional leaders are planned to envision developing a consensus and drawing a roadmap towards addressing the larger concerns of the Education Sector and exploring various potentials of collaborations.



  • To explore possible collaboration amongst educational institutions in institutional development
  • To examine inhibitors of development in educational institutes and recommend achievable goals
  • To leverage synergy and develop a cohesive roadmap for the development
  • To provide a platform for addressing homogenous issues and concern
  • To explore avenues and engage in collective efforts for a holistic and sustainable larger goal
  • To establish a network of like-minded “Fellow Travellers” and develop short-term and long-term dialogues
  • To re-envisage and realign our mandate with social needs and community development



1. Foster and Enhance Institutional Linkages

1.1 Strategic Institutional Collaboration

1.2 Leveraging Synergy

1.3 Knowledge Sharing and Dissemination

1.4 Joint Academic Programmes

2. Sustainable Institutions and Core Competencies

2.1 Sustainability

2.1 Core Competencies

3. Research and Innovation

3.1 Indian Knowledge System (IKS)

3.2 Social Development

3.3 Environment

4. Leadership and Governance

4.1 Mentorship and Training Programme

4.2 Institutional Development Plan

5. Higher Education and National Development

5.1 Affordable and Accessible Quality Education

5.2 Philanthropy in Education

5.3 Community Engagement

5.4 Social Responsibility

There will be a common session to present best practices in institution by the representing heads

Participants Profile:


Founder, Management, Chancellor or Vice Chancellors of Private Universities and Autonomous Institutes that subscribe to our common ideals and goals. Any institutes that are working with the spirit of imbibing quality education and with a larger interest and goal to promote and position Bharat as a Knowledge Society may attend. Participation in the summit is only through invitation.

Desired Outcome:


The summit envisages to come up with a declaration of strengthening conversations among institutes. A conversation to foster collaboration and design a collective effort to transform India’s Education System.

Registration fees: Register here

a. Institutional registration: Rs 2000 for 3 delegates

b. Individual registration: Rs 1000

Delegate kit, literatures and meals will be provided for delegates during the summit.

The organiser will assist in providing accommodation to nearby decent hotels at a discounted rate.

Vidya Bharati Uchcha Shiksha Sansthan

Venue: Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore, Madhya Pradesh


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Contact Details:

Dr. Abhilash Thakur
Vice President
Vidhya Bharti Uccha Shiksha Sansthan
98260 43140


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